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K. Wylin comes back to the music scene with soul and something to say. Every track on “The Bodega” is filled with easy-to-groove-to beats and no-nonsense messages. All songs that challenge convention, turn questions on end and give the listener an inspired joyride to ”The Bodega” and back.


K WYLIN takes the stage solo, as one man in the spotlight and the focus is instantly on him as a tall, charismatic performer that you can’t help but immediately feel his strength and comfort with the stage.  Sharing personal moments of his life, his faith, and his development as an artist from behind the mic, his story and his faith shine as brightly as his songs.  K opened the set with a “Cali” song which might as well have been written for AMPLYFi as it seemed he was able to reach 100% of the all-ages crowd and recruit them for his backup chorus and his fan-club at the same time :)  AMPLYFi has been working with K to get him on our stage for a long time and we are happy to say it was worth the wait.  When a man steps into the spotlight and picks up a mic, sharing his words his feelings, his thoughts, and his faith, teaching and reaching at the same time, it is a special show.  And the music was fantastic!  K Wylin raps with clarity of voice and thought, a message you can understand and get behind, a rhythm you can feel and hear, and a willingness to share his life experiences with an intimacy unparalleled. 


"K. Wylin has a real gift for lyrics" "Is stunning at times" "This rhymester is more highly evolved than the average rapper."