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Growing up, from his folks’ old records to the church, music was always a part of K. Wylin’s life. Born in Long Beach, CA but moving around during most of his childhood, writing rhymes became a way of expressing his emotions and thoughts. He began writing rhymes around the age of 13. Scribbling ideas and rhyme schemes on loose pieces of paper. In 1995 after receiving an album from a popular rap group at the time K. Wylin knew this was what he wanted to pursue.

In late 2002 K. Wylin dropped his self-produced, written, and recorded debut album, Streetlight Stories. The album garnished some attention. Reviews said, "This rhymester is more highly evolved than the average rapper" and, "is stunning at times." His hope was to offer a fresh perspective and a positive alternative to the majority of hip-hop available. 

In early 2009, despite good reviews and a budding career, K. Wylin took a break from the music scene to spend over a year serving as a missionary in Mexico. Through this life-changing experience, K. Wylin emerges with a new purpose, new message, and “The Bodega”, a project, which embraces his last formative year and the life he has in Christ.

Although previous releases strived to offer positive hip-hop, this project takes the focus off the creation and puts it on the creator. “My time in Mexico really gave me the opportunity to grow in God’s word and to reflect not only on my life but also the music.” K. Wylin says. “It’s time to put the focus on where it should have been all the time. Jesus Christ.”

"The Bodega" is an inspiring, soul-searching and hard-hitting project that far eclipses any of his previous efforts. This album hits home with fresh perspective and an obvious spiritual and emotional awakening for the artist and his audience.